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Dear Customers,

Majos & Majos is a successful household management family company. We have been developing our services since 2004. Our competences stand out through our long line of business experience in a field of facility management, e.g.: buildings caretaker, garden caretaker and winter service.

Hausmeister Service - kompetent & zuverlässig - Service rund um
  • In Düsseldorf and its surroundings  (e.g.: Meerbusch, Neuss, Ratingen, Haan, Essen, Dortmund) we manage over 100 facilities.
  • Our portfolio consists of many residential buildings, offices and retail shops.
  • In our offer you can find as well entrance mats systems. Our entrance mats reduce brought sand, mud and dust to 80%.
  • We guarantee the best quality for the best price.
  • Perfect cleanliness and care are the most important factors for the optimal use of your property.
  • You can be sure  and you can trust that we properly take care of your property as it was our own.
  • Our employees have a vast competences and through their work Majos & Majos build a  strong relationship of trust with their customers.
  • We don’t sit idle in the office, our priority is working to customer’s wish providing them satisfactory results with commended by them tasks.
  • By Majos & Majos you are provided with the best solution that is oriented on your needs.
  • We are available and open for on-site visits in your facility.
  • We are determined to accept every meaningful challenge offering you reasonable, convenient and competitive price.
  • We don’t involve ourselves in  long unnecessary discussions, we act.
  • Our aspiration is to deliver quality work results to our customers. We guarantee this standard to all of our business relations.
  • We are pleased to present you our references that speak for themselves.
  • We encourage you to cooperation. We provide the best quality for the best price.

Sincerely your